Work, Akron, and Other Stuff

So I’m working about 40 hours a week trying to get permissions done for one of SAY’s projects. In my spare time, I’m trying to play some halo and work on Alarm 4. My last day of work before I make the move to Akron is July 31 which means I only have 10 days left. Yes.

I’m moving to Akron on August 8th. I start my research on network protocols on August 10th. I visited Akron a week or so ago and I really enjoyed it so I think living in the area will be pretty awesome. Plus, I’ll be close to Tree(Fairview Park), Megan(Wooster), and Tim(Canfield) (for at least a little while).

Also, I’m addicted to Rescue Me now. It is so good. I’m also rewatching Arrested Development and also watching Dead Like Me.

I live such an exciting life.

Alarm 3.5.9 Released, Other News

Today, I’m releasing Alarm 3.5.9. This build is 99.9% the same as RC 2.

New features since 3.5.8 include:
-Volume control – control the volume of Alarm separately from the system volume.
-Focus Time – choose whether the alarm time takes the place of the current time when the alarm is set.

It is available from the update service for versions since 3.5 and will be made available for download from this site as soon as I complete this post.

In other, other news, the update service of previous Alarm versions will be removed based on the following schedule:
-Alarm 3.1.7-3.1.8 – Update support already ended.
-Alarm 3.5-3.5.7 – Update support will end on August 1, 2009.
-Alarm 3.5.8 RC 1 – Update support will end on July 15, 2009.
-Alarm 3.5.8-3.5.9 – Update support will end approximately October 1, 2009.

Anyways, that’s about it for now. Update that software everybody!

Alarm 3.5.9 RC 2 Released

Today, I’m releasing Alarm 3.5.9 Release Candidate 2. This is only a minor update of the previous RC build, in fact, it only has the build tag 35932 instead of 35931, so it’s clearly only a minor change.

This new release candidate version contains the option to focus the alarm time while the alarm is set. This was suggested by someone on and I decided to add it to 3.5.9 after I realized that it wouldn’t be difficult at all.

Download Alarm 3.5.9 RC 2 Here (Link Removed)
(MD5: e30695fda4388c6065f98905c31acb55)

Enjoy. Final build probably coming Thursday.

Alarm 3.5.9 RC 1 Released

Today I am releasing a release candidate of Alarm 3.5.9. This version contains a change in the update system for Alarm 4 updating and a new feature which allows the user to set the volume for the application. Use it in conjunction with Test Volume to make sure your Alarm is at a reasonable level.

If no bugs are found, the release of Alarm 3.5.9 is planned for July 1. If you find any problems, please send me a message using the bug reporting address.

Download Alarm 3.5.9 RC1 (Link Removed)
(MD5: 440cf900ebf885951a25c099522624e1)

Also, as of September 1, 2009, versions prior to 3.5.8 will no longer be supported. This means that users who are still on 3.5.7 and lower will have to update before then or lose their ability to do so through the application. This is because I need to clean up my web space a bit and migrating to the server-side update script is better for everyone.

Well, thats all. Alarm 4 is on it’s way!

Alarm 4.0 Development News, Alarm 3.5.9

I’m now hard at work on Alarm 4.0. This version includes many new enhancements, the most noticeable of which is the new scheduling system.

The system allows for the user to set multiple alarms with various means of notification. These include the classic system beep from Alarm 2.0-2.9, the single song functionality from Alarm 3.0/3.1, the playlist functionality from Alarm 3.5, and a new type of alert done by using the Windows system sounds. These scheduled events will be able to be set to go off on specific days of the week too.

Also coming in Alarm 4 is an overhaul of the theming system. As of right now, it is planned that the UI will be capable of being completely skinned. This means that there will probably be a theme site up for the software where these new and improved skins can be downloaded.

The final thing that I want to talk about is the way that users will be interacting with the alarm. I am not sure as of yet, but I think that this may be the first version of Alarm without a main window. This means that all of the configuration, etc. will be done by using the tray icon. I am just having trouble coming up with a compelling enough reason to continue having the main window when all the alarm setting, etc. will be available in other dialogs. I might also just make it an option or something.

Well, that’s about it for Alarm 4. Look for it later this summer.

As for the next version of Alarm 3.5, I will be releasing version 3.5.9 within the next week or so. This version will contain a single new feature, volume management, which was originally intended for Alarm 4. It will also include an enhancement to the update service which will support updating to Alarm 4. This will also be the final version of Alarm 3.5 as development efforts will seriously be focused on Alarm 4.

Thanks for reading.

Alarm 3.5.8 Released

I will be releasing Alarm 3.5.8 later today. This update includes several new things including:

-Ability to Launch an Application when the alarm goes off.
-The Automatic Update Feature has now been updated to AUA v4 which is a completely re-written system which future versions will use.
-New “Alarm Off” button when the alarm is set, but not going off.
-“Turn Off” has been renamed to “Silence”
-Loads of refactoring done.
-Stupid little issue with automatically turning on certain settings. Ugh.
-Option to make the Alarm retain focus while it’s going off. This is a very good feature if you’re using a media center remote to hit snooze in the morning. The focus stops when the mouse moves over the main window.

Download it when you get a chance.

Alarm 3.5.8 RC 1 Released

Today I’m releasing a preview version of Alarm 3.5.8.

This version includes tons of cleaning up and refactoring and a couple of new features. More on them during the official release.

You can get the Release Candidate on the Downloads page.

Alarm News

So I spent most of today working on Alarm 3.5.8, which is coming along nicely. Most of the time was spent refactoring leftover code from v3 or v3.1 as well as just plain terrible code that exists for v3.5 only. Also in 3.5.8, there is a great new feature coming that one of my friends suggested. However, I do not want to spoil the surprise until the release date. I should be able to get that version out the door within about 2 weeks so look forward to that. I promise that 95% of you out there will like it.

To summarize upcoming releases:
3.5.8 – Probably April 20-27.
3.5.9 – Probably May 14-21.
3.5.10 – Probably June 7-14. (if necessary)
3.5.11 – Probably July 1-8. (if necessary)

Also, since 3.5.0 was released on June 21, 2008, Alarm 3.5, which is already the longest running version, will be the first major revision out for an entire year. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing though. I think it’s probably because I’ve focused more on refinement instead of adding features. I’m glad that I did, as this is the most stable version of Alarm ever. It’s only going to get better.

Alarm 3.5.6 Released

Today, I’m releasing Alarm 3.5.6. Download it from the website or from the auto-update service. This version contains 5 theme refreshes which should make them a bit easier to use. Also, it contains about 2-3 bug fixes for bugs which have been there for a while.