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Alarm 3.5.6 Released

Today, I’m releasing Alarm 3.5.6. Download it from the website or from the auto-update service. This version contains 5 theme refreshes which should make them a bit easier to use. Also, it contains about 2-3 bug fixes for bugs which have been there for a while.

To Do List

I have many, many things to do this week. Just though Iā€™d get it written down.

-Get an eye exam and new glasses
-Clean up the room and car
-Sell some stuff on eBay
-Buy Halo Wars
-Get my two computers ready to be sold
-Release Alarm 3.5.5 and begin working on 3.6
-Get the interrupt stuff done for senior design.

So yeah, I will also be playing plenty of video games to pass my free time.

Alarm 3.5.4 Released, Future Plans

Ok, Alarm 3.5.4 is code-complete and I’m planning on releasing it on Friday (or sooner) depending on any regressions or other bugs I find during the next few days. This version contains more bug fixes than I’d like to admit to, but here are the major ones:

-Random playlist was not properly reordered after adding or removing items.
-Vista UAC and Limited Accounts. Should work now…finally!
-Prevent Windows Update Restart shown on limited accounts even though it can’t be set on them.
-Cannot load/save playlist on Vista with UAC enabled.
-Custom theme edits sometimes still applied on Cancel.

As you can see, Vista and its limited accounts are my enemies. Anyways, that’ll be released on Friday through the update service, probably the same day or possibly Thursday on my website, and then it’ll show up on probably sometime next week. If you want it now, as always you can send me a message and I’ll give you a link.

As for the future of Alarm, I’m planning on doing about 1 more minor revision on 3.5, then halting development for a while, as I have a lot of stuff to work on in the other areas of my life (senior design, etc). I would really, really like to get Alarm 4.0 out before graduation, but because of the nature of it (a near-complete rewrite) I probably wont be able to. Also, the maintenance on that version would be time consuming, which is not really what I would need when getting ready to go to grad school.

That’s all for now.

Alarm 3.5.3 Released, Alarm 3.1 End of Support

In Alarm 3.5.3, I have fixed about 7 bugs and added a new feature. I also added about 10 themes.

Also, as of today, Alarm 3.1 is no longer supported to be auto-updated to 3.5. There are way too many files to update every time I release a new version. If you’re using 3.1, you should have updated a long time ago!

As a final note, I’m pretty sure that I’m up to 2800 downloads total among all the websites that host Alarm 3.5.2. I should get an estimate of who actually uses it based on how many people update to 3.5.3. I’m pretty happy about all this “having users” business.