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Alarm 3.5.14 Coming Soon

So I just found a bug in 3.5.12 that I missed during my normal testing, which means I am pulling it from auto-update. Basically, the playlist doesn’t advance past the first song when the alarm is going off, meaning if you sleep through your first song (as I often do), you probably wont wake up and be late for work/school/whatever as I was this morning. I removed something that was serving a purpose that it wasn’t supposed to serve in the first place. I’ll fix it ASAP and get 3.5.14 out there. I’m shooting for tomorrow but it may be as late as this upcoming Tuesday (June 29).

If you’ve already updated (about 350 of you), I suggest either using 3.5.12 RC 3 (before it was broken) or using the 3.5.12 release in tandem with a backup alarm clock.

By the way, yes, I am skipping 3.5.13. I feel like that’s just asking for trouble.

Alarm 3.5.12 RC3 download:Here

The RC3 build is basically the final build before I made some last minute optimizations which as it turns out broke the final release.

Alarm 3.5.12 RC 2

I’ve updated the release candidate. This contains the Windows Media Player playback functionality. Test thoroughly, as I just wrote it an hour ago and it might not work properly.

Download Alarm 3.5.12 RC 2

Alarm 3.5.12 RC 1

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t said a whole lot lately, but I have a release candidate of Alarm 3.5.12 ready for download. I need extensive testing done on it as I have made a ton of changes over the past 6 months, most of which haven’t been used a lot. So please email me if you have any issues with the RC by using the “Report Bug” link in the software.

Download 3.5.12 RC 1 Now

Final release coming in a couple weeks.

Alarm 3.5.11 Released, Merry Christmas!

I am pleased to be releasing Alarm 3.5.11. This version, while originally deemed a major update, has been downgraded minor update due to an overly-complicated update process between 3.5.10 and 3.5.11. So, the new settings system is delayed for Alarm 4.0, as originally intended. Having the new system in earlier 3.5.11 builds though has allowed me to fix a few issues with the system.

Changes to 3.5.11 are as follows:
Addition: 2,3,4,6,8 Hour and Custom Quick Alarms. Thanks to Missy for the suggestion.
Addition: Alarm 4 About dialog added.
Change: Removed one of the first startup dialogs. (The thanks dialog)
Change: Code refactoring
Change: Automatically Displays Morning Reminder when Alarm goes off.
Change: Some changes to the default settings.
Addition: Release Notes Viewer
Change: Check for Updates doesn’t run on first startup.
Addition: University of Akron (Grad School) Color Scheme.
Change: Adjust Volume now disabled when media isn’t selected.

This will hopefully be the last version of Alarm 3.5. Alarm 4.0 is coming, I promise.

Also, Merry Christmas to everyone!

Support, Download Links, Old Alarm Updates

I’ve changed the main Alarm support email address.

You can now receive support by sending a message to:

I’ve decided that in order to have a more consistent experience for those who would like to add a link to the Alarm installer on their website, I will have a permanent location for the latest version of Alarm. This location will always be available as long as this site is online so that download links will not be broken and people are guaranteed to get the absolute latest version of Alarm when they download it.

The address is:

Please use this address whenever you link to the installer.

The update process for 3.1.7-3.5.7 has been changed slightly so that I no longer have to support the older update service. Basically, users of those versions will be told that there is a new version available without actually saying what that version is. Once they download the installer, they will be able to see what they are installing before they actually agree to installing it. This makes it easier to make sure those with older versions of Alarm are presented with the absolute latest updates.

That’s about it. Thanks for your continued support.

Alarm 3.5 Support Extended

Today I noticed that a lot of people are still using pre-3.5.8 versions of Alarm so I decided to again support those versions. Please upgrade them to 3.5.10! I just set up the auto-update feature so that you can now upgrade from those versions again.

Alarm 3.5.10 Bug?

I’ve received a report of a bug in Alarm 3.5.10 which causes the program to freeze when it is sounding and is switching between songs on the playlist. If anyone is dealing with this problem, please send an email to immediately with a description of your computer system specifications. Obviously I want to fix this as soon as possible.


Windows 7

Tonight, I will be installing Windows 7 Professional on my main computer. I’ve tried the release candidate and I really liked it so now is the time to get away from Vista. Although I like Vista, I know it’s all sluggish and such, and I haven’t reinstalled it since November 2008, so it’s time for the upgrade. I know it doesn’t come out until Oct 22, but I’m an early adopter. I also got Vista in November 2006 when it didn’t come out until January 2007.

I spent about 5 hours last night copying files to by external hard drive last night so I think I’m ready to go for it tonight. I might actually copy the files to another hard drive too, I haven’t decided yet. I just don’t want to lose all my stuff (about 350 GB).

One of my major tasks for the next few weeks is going to be making Alarm 3.5 compatible with Windows 7. I think it is currently 95% compatible but there is a chance that some stuff will break.

That’s all I can think to write right now.