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My Dog, Chuckie

I spoke with my sister and dad on Monday night, and they told me that they had to put my dog, Chuckie, to sleep. I say “my dog” in the sense that for the last eight years, I didn’t live with him, I didn’t feed him, I didn’t take him outside when he needed it, but every single time I went home, I was the only person he was concerned with.

ChuckieWe got Chuckie, a light-brown cocker spaniel, when he was about 2 years old. He was, prior to that point, an outside dog. (This is something that I personally disagree with, to be honest, but I’ll save that rant for later.) There were several large dogs that also lived at that old house, and he had to fight for food and water. My mom joked to the woman who lived at the house that, “if you don’t want that dog, we’ll take him!” A few days later, they gave him to us. We already had another cocker spaniel, Jumanji, and my Dad didn’t want more than one, so we gave him to my sister’s boyfriend. Chuckie lived there for a couple weeks, until my sister took him. You see, her boyfriend’s family grew angry at Chuckie’s in-home restrooming, but instead of trying to train him, they kicked him. My sister saw this, and literally put the dog in her car, and left.

Once she got home with him, we decided to keep him. It was at this point, that Chuckie started to gravitate towards me.

Jumanji definitely considered my dad to be #1. Chuckie considered me to be #1. Every single night for most of my teenage years, Chuckie would climb under the covers and sleep next to me. He would always defend me against “I’m gonna get him”‘s and tended to end up wherever I was in the house. He sat beside me when I spent countless hours learning things about computers, or reading books, or searching the Internet for the latest anime, or playing PlayStation. It’s cliché to say that he was my best friend, but he was. There’s nothing like having a friend like that. He didn’t care about how cool I was or anything, he just wanted to be with me all the time.

Years have passed, and more recently, Chuckie had started not responding when we called his name. He had lost his hearing. His eyes also started getting cloudy. As it turned out, he was completely blind in one of his eyes, and the other one wasn’t doing well either. We had discussed what we would do if he did go completely blind and deaf, but I never really wanted to face that reality. Chuckie was my dog, and I didn’t want him to leave us.

On Monday, the veterinarian told my sister that a growth that was on his mouth was cancerous. It wasn’t something that could be removed, and it was an aggressive form of cancer. He was destined to decline quickly and painfully. They decided that in order to ease this suffering, they would have him put to sleep. While I wish that my family would have given me an opportunity to say goodbye, I am glad that he is no longer suffering from it. It would have been selfish of me to have made him suffer just so I could see him again.

The times that I shared with him will be with me for the rest of my life. Whether it was throwing the ball for him (and the way he couldn’t figure out what direction the ball would be bouncing), or just the way he HAD to sleep in my bed with me (and many other times when I wasn’t there, and he still slept in my bed because he missed me).

You were my dog. Rest in peace, buddy.

New Blog

This site is a major work in progress, but I decided to at least put it up. I’ll add things as I think of them, but the main goal is to post about the things that I enjoy: code, games, and TV.

Oh College

I’m really, really busy right now.

I just had two tests this past week, and I got a 94% (the highest grade in the class) on my Random Signal Analysis exam and an 80% on my Combinatorics and Graph Theory test. I’m really satisfied with my RSA score, not so much my CGT score.

I’m working on various research-related things right now which promise to absolutely destroy any chances at a life. It looks as though I’m going to be spending most of my week in the lab instead of going home at normal hours.

This weekend I’m heading to Kentucky for my goddaughter’s birthday party and then the following weekend I guess I’m going to Columbus since Kevin is coming up from Virginia Tech. My car hates me right now. Four out of the last seven weekends I’ve driven more than 250 miles to go see people.

Windows 7

Tonight, I will be installing Windows 7 Professional on my main computer. I’ve tried the release candidate and I really liked it so now is the time to get away from Vista. Although I like Vista, I know it’s all sluggish and such, and I haven’t reinstalled it since November 2008, so it’s time for the upgrade. I know it doesn’t come out until Oct 22, but I’m an early adopter. I also got Vista in November 2006 when it didn’t come out until January 2007.

I spent about 5 hours last night copying files to by external hard drive last night so I think I’m ready to go for it tonight. I might actually copy the files to another hard drive too, I haven’t decided yet. I just don’t want to lose all my stuff (about 350 GB).

One of my major tasks for the next few weeks is going to be making Alarm 3.5 compatible with Windows 7. I think it is currently 95% compatible but there is a chance that some stuff will break.

That’s all I can think to write right now.

First 2 Weeks of Akron

Well, I’ve been living here for a solid 2 weeks, and thus far, I’m really enjoying it. A major part of me misses little Ada but I think I will grow to enjoy this city. I haven’t started on any research type stuff, but I am learning to use the tools and learning the Python programming language, which is pretty fun.

Today, I wrote a tool to beat a game on facebook using Linux. I need a life.

I’m planning on visiting Ada about once a month since some of my friends are still there and obviously Lima because my family is there. The first time I will be back is Sept 4-7 for my grandma’s 96th birthday and to hang out with my friends who are moving back into Ada. I’m also going to Marion that weekend to hang out with everybody at Niki’s house. Following that, I’ll probably be back towards the beginning of every month, with December being the exception as I’ll probably come back for my birthday on the 11th, and obviously Christmas.

That’s all I really have to say right now.

Work, Akron, and Other Stuff

So I’m working about 40 hours a week trying to get permissions done for one of SAY’s projects. In my spare time, I’m trying to play some halo and work on Alarm 4. My last day of work before I make the move to Akron is July 31 which means I only have 10 days left. Yes.

I’m moving to Akron on August 8th. I start my research on network protocols on August 10th. I visited Akron a week or so ago and I really enjoyed it so I think living in the area will be pretty awesome. Plus, I’ll be close to Tree(Fairview Park), Megan(Wooster), and Tim(Canfield) (for at least a little while).

Also, I’m addicted to Rescue Me now. It is so good. I’m also rewatching Arrested Development and also watching Dead Like Me.

I live such an exciting life.

Contacts, Video Games, Etc.

From now on, I will be most likely wearing contacts. I’ve been trying them out for the past few weeks and so far I really enjoy having them. I’ve actually become pretty good at putting them in and taking them out, which was my main problem last time I tried them.

My xbox got back from the repair center so I took the elite back to walmart. Now my licenses wont transfer back. Ugh. Now I have to be signed into xbox live to use my downloaded content until March 2010. Not a huge deal, but still pretty annoying. Also, my sister gave me a playstation 3. Now I have all the current consoles…for the second time in my life…(last time was dreamcast, ps2, and n64).

I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to do this quarter so I probably wont have a lot to say on here. Ugh.

To Do List

I have many, many things to do this week. Just though I’d get it written down.

-Get an eye exam and new glasses
-Clean up the room and car
-Sell some stuff on eBay
-Buy Halo Wars
-Get my two computers ready to be sold
-Release Alarm 3.5.5 and begin working on 3.6
-Get the interrupt stuff done for senior design.

So yeah, I will also be playing plenty of video games to pass my free time.