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Work, Akron, and Other Stuff

So I’m working about 40 hours a week trying to get permissions done for one of SAY’s projects. In my spare time, I’m trying to play some halo and work on Alarm 4. My last day of work before I make the move to Akron is July 31 which means I only have 10 days left. Yes.

I’m moving to Akron on August 8th. I start my research on network protocols on August 10th. I visited Akron a week or so ago and I really enjoyed it so I think living in the area will be pretty awesome. Plus, I’ll be close to Tree(Fairview Park), Megan(Wooster), and Tim(Canfield) (for at least a little while).

Also, I’m addicted to Rescue Me now. It is so good. I’m also rewatching Arrested Development and also watching Dead Like Me.

I live such an exciting life.

Contacts, Video Games, Etc.

From now on, I will be most likely wearing contacts. I’ve been trying them out for the past few weeks and so far I really enjoy having them. I’ve actually become pretty good at putting them in and taking them out, which was my main problem last time I tried them.

My xbox got back from the repair center so I took the elite back to walmart. Now my licenses wont transfer back. Ugh. Now I have to be signed into xbox live to use my downloaded content until March 2010. Not a huge deal, but still pretty annoying. Also, my sister gave me a playstation 3. Now I have all the current consoles…for the second time in my life…(last time was dreamcast, ps2, and n64).

I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to do this quarter so I probably wont have a lot to say on here. Ugh.

Why me?

Well, obviously since I was going to be playing a bunch of games this week, my xbox just HAD to die. It gave me the red lights, so I went out and bought a new one. I mean, I just got addicted to Assassins Creed and I had just preordered Halo Wars. What timing! I still haven’t transferred everything over yet, but I should be able to do that today. I bought the Elite so I really hope this one lasts.

Also, Sam’s Club has a known liberal bias. They don’t accept Visa.

To Do List

I have many, many things to do this week. Just though I’d get it written down.

-Get an eye exam and new glasses
-Clean up the room and car
-Sell some stuff on eBay
-Buy Halo Wars
-Get my two computers ready to be sold
-Release Alarm 3.5.5 and begin working on 3.6
-Get the interrupt stuff done for senior design.

So yeah, I will also be playing plenty of video games to pass my free time.