Alarm Development News

Hi all,

I’ve been working a bit on Alarm 4 and Alarm 3.5.18, both of which are coming along nicely. I’m not quite ready for a v4.0 alpha release yet but I will be in the coming months.

It’s been really hard to work on Alarm in the past year or so as I’ve been working full time and juggling other facets of my life. I promise, however, that Alarm 4 will be released this year. I’ve been working on it in one form or another for almost three years and it’s time to give you guys a completely updated version instead of these incremental updates. So, I pledge that I will work at least 5 hours a week on Alarm and I will get it out the door as soon as possible. This means that Alarm 3.5.18 will be the last version of the v3.5 revision. I’ve said this a lot about other revisions, but I can’t keep spending development time adding features to a product that will be made obsolete soon.

Also, once Alarm 4 has been released, I will be making smaller, but complete updates more frequently. That is, v4.5 will come 1-3 months after v4.0, v5.0 will come soon after that, and so forth. The updates will not be as large as in the past, but they will be worth the update.

Finally, starting with Alarm 4.5, I will be operating exclusively on the .NET 4 platform. Also, Alarm 4 might even have two versions: one for .NET 2 and one for .NET 4, in order to make auto updating to v4.5 easier. That is just an idea, but v4.5 will require .NET 4.

As mentioned above, I am working on Alarm 3.5.18 which will be the final version of the 3.5.x versions, barring major issues. Currently, the features to be added or changed in this version are:

  • Saving alarm time to a file (and associating a file extension with it)
  • Option to confirm reset
  • Fix for bug where tray icon flashes on startup
  • Moving color scheme options into Options menu

This is a minor release, but it is the final v3.5.x version. I’m going to release it on June 9th.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!