Alarm 3.5.14 Coming Soon

So I just found a bug in 3.5.12 that I missed during my normal testing, which means I am pulling it from auto-update. Basically, the playlist doesn’t advance past the first song when the alarm is going off, meaning if you sleep through your first song (as I often do), you probably wont wake up and be late for work/school/whatever as I was this morning. I removed something that was serving a purpose that it wasn’t supposed to serve in the first place. I’ll fix it ASAP and get 3.5.14 out there. I’m shooting for tomorrow but it may be as late as this upcoming Tuesday (June 29).

If you’ve already updated (about 350 of you), I suggest either using 3.5.12 RC 3 (before it was broken) or using the 3.5.12 release in tandem with a backup alarm clock.

By the way, yes, I am skipping 3.5.13. I feel like that’s just asking for trouble.

Alarm 3.5.12 RC3 download: Here

The RC3 build is basically the final build before I made some last minute optimizations which as it turns out broke the final release.