Alarm 4 Still Coming, Alarm 3.5.12 Next Month

Yeah, so I kinda failed on the April 2 release date, but I have been actively developing Alarm 4 and it is coming along nicely. It’s just a huge project and I’ve been ridiculously busy with other aspects of my life. I have 2 out of the 3 main pieces pretty much wrapped up so the first test versions will be headed out soon (looking like May/June at this point).

I’m planning on releasing another patch to v3.5 soon that will include a few changes.

This is what I’m planning as of now for v3.5.12:

  • Beeping media file (brings beep support to computers without system speakers)
  • 24 hour clock option
  • New WMP-based media playing functionality (maybe)
  • Some other minor enhancements/code cleanup

Anyways, that’s where it stands as of now.