First 2 Weeks of Akron

Well, I’ve been living here for a solid 2 weeks, and thus far, I’m really enjoying it. A major part of me misses little Ada but I think I will grow to enjoy this city. I haven’t started on any research type stuff, but I am learning to use the tools and learning the Python programming language, which is pretty fun.

Today, I wrote a tool to beat a game on facebook using Linux. I need a life.

I’m planning on visiting Ada about once a month since some of my friends are still there and obviously Lima because my family is there. The first time I will be back is Sept 4-7 for my grandma’s 96th birthday and to hang out with my friends who are moving back into Ada. I’m also going to Marion that weekend to hang out with everybody at Niki’s house. Following that, I’ll probably be back towards the beginning of every month, with December being the exception as I’ll probably come back for my birthday on the 11th, and obviously Christmas.

That’s all I really have to say right now.