Alarm 3.5.9 RC 1 Released

Today I am releasing a release candidate of Alarm 3.5.9. This version contains a change in the update system for Alarm 4 updating and a new feature which allows the user to set the volume for the application. Use it in conjunction with Test Volume to make sure your Alarm is at a reasonable level.

If no bugs are found, the release of Alarm 3.5.9 is planned for July 1. If you find any problems, please send me a message using the bug reporting address.

Download Alarm 3.5.9 RC1 (Link Removed)
(MD5: 440cf900ebf885951a25c099522624e1)

Also, as of September 1, 2009, versions prior to 3.5.8 will no longer be supported. This means that users who are still on 3.5.7 and lower will have to update before then or lose their ability to do so through the application. This is because I need to clean up my web space a bit and migrating to the server-side update script is better for everyone.

Well, thats all. Alarm 4 is on it’s way!

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