Alarm 3.5.8 Released

I will be releasing Alarm 3.5.8 later today. This update includes several new things including:

-Ability to Launch an Application when the alarm goes off.
-The Automatic Update Feature has now been updated to AUA v4 which is a completely re-written system which future versions will use.
-New “Alarm Off” button when the alarm is set, but not going off.
-“Turn Off” has been renamed to “Silence”
-Loads of refactoring done.
-Stupid little issue with automatically turning on certain settings. Ugh.
-Option to make the Alarm retain focus while it’s going off. This is a very good feature if you’re using a media center remote to hit snooze in the morning. The focus stops when the mouse moves over the main window.

Download it when you get a chance.

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