Alarm News

So I spent most of today working on Alarm 3.5.8, which is coming along nicely. Most of the time was spent refactoring leftover code from v3 or v3.1 as well as just plain terrible code that exists for v3.5 only. Also in 3.5.8, there is a great new feature coming that one of my friends suggested. However, I do not want to spoil the surprise until the release date. I should be able to get that version out the door within about 2 weeks so look forward to that. I promise that 95% of you out there will like it.

To summarize upcoming releases:

  • 3.5.8 - Probably April 20-27.
  • 3.5.9 - Probably May 14-21.
  • 3.5.10 - Probably June 7-14. (if necessary)
  • 3.5.11 - Probably July 1-8. (if necessary)

Also, since 3.5.0 was released on June 21, 2008, Alarm 3.5, which is already the longest running version, will be the first major revision out for an entire year. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing though. I think it’s probably because I’ve focused more on refinement instead of adding features. I’m glad that I did, as this is the most stable version of Alarm ever. It’s only going to get better.