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Supporting iPhone 6/6 Plus Native Resolutions: The Basics

Ever since I got the new iPhone 6, I’ve been silently cursing the applications that haven’t yet properly updated their apps for the new screen sizes. The zoomed iPhone 5s display looks really terrible, folks! So, I’m going to give you a five minute tutorial to update your applications. Assuming, of course, that you updated […]

iOS 8: Notifications Changes

We’re updating our iOS application at work, and I came across some fun with iOS 8 and notifications. So, I thought I’d write a short post about it. In iOS 7, we used the following method on the shared UIApplication instance to set up notifications:

In iOS 8, this doesn’t work. So now, it’s […]

SimpleLookups 1.6 Released

Today, I released SimpleLookups v1.6.0. This version includes the following changes: New Features: – Specify column suffixes for Name/Description/Code/Id columns. – Specify column name of Active column. – Specify whether or not to prepend the table name to the column names. – Core improvements/optimizations. Version 1.6 is now available on NuGet and on this site. […]